Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wasteland: Our first good deed

Food is becoming scarce in the Wasteland.  Sure, most of the inhabitants probably have small plots of land they can grow a few stunted ears of wheat for bread, or maybe a patch of grass for their sickly mutated cows.  But there is only one place in the local area that actually grows a decent amount of food, and they seem to be struggling to feed themselves, let alone the rest of the Wastes.  Let's see what we can do about that.

First, a little explanation of this area.  The Agricultural Centre seems to have been a pre-war combination of agricultural station, perhaps an agricultural research station, and a satellite facility.  Not surprisingly, the satellite dish and facility are no longer used, while the Agricultural Centre itself appears to have become a means of survival for the farmers as well as those they trade with.

Lately, however, the normally annoying rodents which plague the centre have been downright dangerous.  Huge mutant bunnies have been eating the gigantic carrots which the centre grows.  There is even talk of a Bunny Master responsible for directing the attacks of the bunnies.

We'll do a little sightseeing before we tackle the problem, though.

The 80 year old dish, still in perfect condition.  They don't make them like they used to.
The food itself is equally impressive.  Here we can see a few examples of the crops grown by the famers here.

Now that we've seen the horrors necessary for survival that are at stake here, it's time to get to work.  Somewhere around here, there has to be someone or something responsible for all this.  Ah, here we are.

Which, naturally enough, leads to:

Though you can't see it here, Harry is an extremely tough fight around the time you'd normally run into him.
The farmers are ecstatic, of course, leading to celebrations, and my rather unorthodox reward.

"rescued their major food supply."

 Here is a good example of the humour found in Wasteland.  It mainly revolves around situations where you would be taking the situation very seriously if you actually experienced it yourself, but standing outside as an observer, you can't help but be amused.

Wanna root?
Down in the cellar, we discover that it is actually the ransacked and badly damaged remains of the satellite facility below the Agricultural Centre.  There are a few nice little examples of vendor trash, i.e. useless but expensive, and if the Perception skill is used on the computer equipment, a pre-war diary!

Paragraphs can be found here.
Elsewhere in the Centre, down in the southwest corner from what appears to be a normal map exit, is a series of caves infested by more vermin.  There is little of interest here, besides more items good for selling, and more high experience fights.  If you can handle Harry, though, these fights shouldn't prove too difficult for you.

Love the colour scheme.
And that's all for the Agricultural Centre.  I've finally reached the point where my playing hasn't outrun my writing, so I haven't decided where I'll tackle next.  I've realised at this point that I do slightly regret jumping ahead slightly to get superior equipment.  It would be entirely possible to get the best melee weapon in the game at this point, but thankfully I don't feel that I'm struggling enough to do that yet.  All the same, none of the fights I've been involved in so far have actually been challenging.  Around the point that I enter Las Vegas, though, I'm going to start suffering again from being a solo character.  So it's not all bad.  Or is that good?

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