Thursday, 15 March 2012

A beginning

Inspired by a few other blogs that I read that cover various games, I've decided to start my own blog.  I'm not expecting to really get many subscribers, for a few reasons.  Firstly, my writing style is pretty dry and probably dull.  I also won't be moving very fast, due to real life commitments.  And since this will just be covering games that I'm playing, with no regard for release time, genre, or anything else, it probably lacks the focus that people want from their game blogs.

The main reason I'm doing this, though, is for a nice little distraction from the hectic pace of life.  I find myself getting bored with games because I'm always getting dragged away to do something else; I'm hoping that by doing this, it will give me some focus, and give me a project that doesn't involve work or family that I can come back to whenever I need to feel productive without actually doing something truly useful.  It also gives me a chance to practise my gaming, writing, and analysis.

All that said, the thought of having readers and commenters does appeal to me; I suppose it's that vain little part of myself that I imagine most people have.  Who doesn't want someone to listen to their opinions?  I can't say that I'll be particularly heartbroken if I don't get any, though.  As I said, this is mainly for my own purposes.

Once I can get a couple of issues sorted out, mainly to do with DOSBox and screenshots, I'll get started on my first game!  If anyone reads this and can suggest the best way to get screenshots for posting on here, I'm all ears.  I know how to get screenshots in DOSBox (I'm using D-Fend Reloaded), but they're low-resolution, and not very attractive.

Also, if anyone has suggestions for the blog in general, I'm happy to consider them, whether it's games to consider playing, layout, or anything else.  I'll generally be playing older games, or those requiring low specifications, but I'll consider anything if I can get hold of it and it appeals to me.  I'm sure we'll get a feel for each other's tastes soon enough.


  1. Assuming you're using Windows, have you tried the alt-PrintScreen method? Just hit that key combination (though you probably have to have the game running in a window), and then go into Microsoft Paint and paste it in. You should get a bigger pic that way, unless the screen you're playing in is 320x200! :)

  2. Oh, and thanks for putting me in your sidebar! :)

  3. It turns out that the screenshots that DOSBox takes are quite fine for here. But I'll probably have to resort to that for other environments. The biggest problem with that is that you can't just hit the key and keep playing without interruption, but whatever works, right?

  4. I used that method on an old blog I had. I actually wasn't aware that they even had a screenshot method until recently. ;)